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Home Lockouts

Many houses have locks that can be circumvented by a professional locksmith. Pin-tumbler locks are used by the majority of houses, and our skilled locksmiths can pick them without causing any harm to your lock. Despite the fact that the pin-tumbler lock mechanism is rather common, we recommend that you only let an experienced locksmith to pick the lock to minimize further damage. Each of our specialists has been trained in these simple processes and is more than qualified to deliver this service to you and assist you in regaining access to your home and avoiding the dreadful experience of being locked out.

Lock Installation

Do you require the installation of a home lock? The locks on a house’s doors and windows play a big role in its security. Choosing which locks to employ is also important for keeping each and every component of the property secure. For exterior doors, homeowners are advised to use American National Standards Institute or ANSI Grade 1 locks. Deadbolt locks are the most secure option available. One of your primary priorities should be the locks on your doors. Make sure that all of the doors, especially the outside doors, are in good functioning order. Burglars are always on the lookout for doors with broken locks or inefficient security measures. Our lock installation professionals have the knowledge and skills to handle any type of new door lock installation service, from simple lock installation to full door entry system installation. Our well-equipped locksmiths will always employ the most up-to-date tools in order to perform efficiently and effectively. Our experts will also assist you in determining which lock is best suited to your door.

Lock Re-Key

The process of changing the tumblers in an old lock so that only fresh keys can open it is known as re-keying. Several people who continue to use the same key they received when they purchased their home have no idea how many people who are no longer relevant, such as tradespeople, neighbors, and acquaintances, have had access to that key. The majority of professionals can re-key your locks, giving you the peace of mind that only you and those you trust will have access to your domain. When you rekey your locks, you’re changing the mechanism of the lock so that the previous key no longer works. A new key will be required instead. In many cases, rekeying your locks is a better option than replacing them. If all of your locks are the same brand or have the same style of keyhole but use separate keys, you can have them rekeyed to use the same key. If you’ve misplaced a copy of your old key and are concerned that someone may locate it and gain access to your home, you can rekey your locks to prevent the previous key from working. If you’ve recently moved into a new home, rekeying your locks can be a cost-effective solution to ensure that only you and your family have keys to your new home. You never know who got keys to your house from the previous owner, or how many copies of those keys were produced.

Master Re-Key

The term “master key” refers to a key that can be used with multiple master wafer configurations. Master keying allows you to unlock a lock using two or more different and distinct keys. A master key is distinguished by the presence of a third pin in the lock. The master wafer is what it’s called, and it can only be unlocked with a master key. While having a master key that allows access to all zones, master keying restricts access to certain zones. Master keys are available for any facilities with several suitable locks, such as hospitals, business buildings, and households. A master key is one that has the ability to open two or more locks. Pin and tumbler locks are used in many master keys. But, in order for a master key to work, master wafers must be present inside the lock. The key and lock can easily turn when the master wafers line up. It can’t happen if they don’t otherwise line up.

Fresh Installation

This procedure is also commonly referred to as fitting fresh locks. “Fresh” indicates that we drill exact holes in the door to install a lock. Both buying a new door and installing a deadbolt for the first time necessitate a fresh installation. Our experts can fasten doors of various shapes, sizes, and materials, from front and back to sliding and garage. Despite the popularity of do-it-yourself tasks, it’s best to leave the locks to the professionals. It’s not as simple as it appears to install a lock. Making a single error could permanently harm the door or, worse, put your safety in jeopardy. You’ll have peace of mind after our house locksmith installs a lock.

Lock Change

You or a locksmith removes the old locking door hardware and replaces it with new hardware when changing a lock. You’ll have all new locks and keys, but upgrading your locks isn’t always essential and can be costly. Because changing your locks is more expensive than having them rekeyed, you should only do so if you desire or need new ones. If your locks are old and worn out, for example, replacing them is a better solution than rekeying them. If you want to replace your locks with more modern, secure, or updated electronic locks, the same rules apply. If the locks on all of your doors are different brands and you want to be able to access them all with the same key, you may need to replace them. If you lose the key to a lock, replacing it instead of rekeying it may be less expensive, however a locksmith may be able to rekey it without the key.

High-Security Systems

The ability of a lock to survive tampering determines its security degree, which lowers break-in attempts. Heavy mechanisms and keyway resistance to tools or unsuitable keys are features found in high-security locks. These heavy-duty locks usually have auto-locking mechanisms and magnetic locking systems. A patented key control mechanism is used in high-security locks, which guarantees that keys can only be reproduced by an authorized dealer. In the event that you require duplicate keys, Eric’sLocksmith is allowed to match and confirm them. Deadbolts, cylinders, and padlocks
are among the high-security locks available. Eric’s Locksmith can assist you in selecting the correct lock for your home entryways, private or precious safe protection, commercial, institutional, or government access.

Key Duplication

Did you realize that having duplicates of your keys can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run? When you’re locked out of your house, a duplicate key is frequently a cheaper (and easier) option than having a locksmith come out and unlock your door. Make duplicate keys today to take charge of your Joliet key management. We recommend having at least one duplicate key on hand for your home, automobile, and any other vehicle, storage container, or business or residential space you may require entry to. Duplicate keys can be useful in a variety of situations such as keys that have gone missing, theft of keys, or you may require spare keys for family members or friends, among other things.

Keyless Entry

Residents can lock and unlock their homes without the use of a mechanical key and loc using keyless entry systems. If you’ve ever forgotten your keys, you understand the appeal of a keyless entry system. Furthermore, depending on the device, these system can be accessed by a keypad, touchscreen, or fingerprint reader. What a way to strengthen up security! Some advantages of having a keyless entry system installed in the invested property are:

  1. There is no need for a physical key, which reduces the risk of being locked out.
  2. There is also no need for a key under the mat, which is included in the tracking system
  3. Easy Access for Visitors and Family
  4. Added Amenity for Potential Temants
  5. No More Lock Changing

Keypad Installation

When a keypad door lock is fitted, worn out keys, missing keys, and even hefty pockets are avoided. The electronic keypad door lock installed in your house or commercial property eliminated the inconvenience of bringing and securing your keys wherever you go or whatever you do. The possibility of unexplained key duplicates is also reduced, reducing burglary attempts. Because the pass codes are easy to modify, owners can ensure that exclusive security is maintained. You can update the security code immediately to secure the belongings and vital documents within  the house, regardless of how well others know it. If you want exclusive security, you don’t have to replace the entire knob or replicate another set of keys this way.

Mailbox Lock Change

Some mailboxes come equipped with locks, while others do not. Our locksmith professionals can install a new mailbox lock on your existing mailbox or replace your present mailbox lock with a stronger, more secure choice. Depending on your security demands and budget, as well as your personal preferences, there are various different types of mailbox locks to choose from. Our professionals can quickly visit to your house or office and change or install a new mailbox lock for you. Our mailbox lock professionals are completely insured and trained to meet all of your mailbox security
requirements. We offer full-service installation and sales of all types of mailboxes. Even when it comes to getting rid of your old mailboxes, we can help. Our crew is always willing to assist you by answering any mailbox-related inquiries you may have. When you use our mailbox locksmiths, you can be sure that your mail will be kept as safe as possible.

Safe Lockout

Safes are an important part of home security because they protect valuable items like private documents and jewels from damage caused by floods or fires, as well as keeping burglars out. When you’re locked out of your safe, though, you’re compelled to smash into the box, despite the potentially costly damage. It is strongly advised to consult a professional safe locksmith in any situation involving lost keys or forgotten combinations. A safe lockout can be a stressful and difficult experience, especially if you require urgent access to your belongings that are secured inside the safe box. When
you find yourself in this difficult predicament, remember that Joliet Locksmith can help unlock your safe quickly and accurately.

Eviction Assistance

As a landowner, you may be considering evicting your renter for a variety of reasons, the most common of which being the tenant’s failure to pay rent on time or their extensive damage to your property. With the use of our cutting-edge tools, Schaumburg Residential Locksmith can get you into your property without causing any harm to your door. We con also rekey or replace your locks later to keep tenants from returning. Is your tenant refusing to open the door, and you require our assistance? To begin, make sure you have a court order ollowing you to open the door, otherwise, forcing it open is illegal. Additionally, you must have at least one police officer with you while attempting to re-enter your property. Our locksmiths will follow you and the law enforcement officer to your property, and if the tenant still refuses to unlock the door, we can quickly open it. In a pinch, our eviction locksmith service will save the day.

Garage Doors

We service garage doors, locks, openers, garage door remotes, and other garage door components. Call today to schedule service for your garage doors. We provide garage door locksmith services for your home all across the country. For your home’s protection, we repair, replace, and install various types of garage door locks. If you have a problem with your garage remote or are concerned about your safety, locksmiths offer a wide range of services. Among them are the following:
A garage door locksmith
Installation of a garage lock
Repairs to overhead garage door locks
New keys for garages are being created
Garage transponder/remote reprogramming
Replacement of garage door locks
Garage keypad locks need to be repaired or replaced
Replacing the lock on the door between your house and the garage

Key Broke In Door Lock

Removing a broken key isn’t always simple, and it may be a great pain if done wrong. If you make a mistake while withdrawing the key, for example, you may mistakenly push it further into the keyway, exacerbating the situation. If you’re not the adventurous kind, you might want to hire a locksmith. You can remove a broken key from a lock using tools you already have in your home. It the key is not too far inside of the lock, tweezers or small needle nose pliers will pull the key out. It it’s further in, you can use a small jigsaw blade or paperclip to rake it out, or a glue gun stick to seal to the key and pull the key out. Keys wear out over time, the metal fatigues, and the keys shatter. When you turn the key, it might sometimes shatter inside the lock cylinder. How do you pull the key out of the lock if this happens? You’ll find some methods that work and some that don’t on the internet. We’ll tell you what locksmiths do, and we’ve tried and confirmed one famous web tip that might actually work.

Key Stuck In Door Lock

For numerous causes, keys become trapped in the door. One of the most common causes is snapping; other causes include wear and tear, or using the wrong key to the lock or the wrong key to the wrong lock, which can cause the key to become trapped in the lock. To assuage your fears, we’ve produced a list of helpful hints from our locksmith professionals on what to do if your key gets stuck in the lock. Within minutes, an emergency locksmith will assist you in extracting your key from the lock. They have the appropriate tool and are able to extract the key as rapidly as feasible. They can also fix your lock if it has been damaged. They can also produce a replacement key if the original is damaged.

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In Joliet, Illinois there are several sorts of locksmiths to choose from. It's critical that you learn about them so that you'll be able to identify the best individual for the job if you ever require their assistance. Key cutting locksmiths make duplicate keys, re-keying locksmiths re-pin locks to accommodate new keys, and automobile locksmiths address issues with car locks. Residential locksmiths are another type of locksmith. These locksmiths are frequently hired to open locked doors. These domestic locksmiths can assist you with any difficulty, whether you forgot your keys inside your house or you lost them someplace else. Professional residential locksmith Joliet have the necessary knowledge, experience, abilities, and tools to unlock your locked door. Door lock repair, deadbolt installation, lock change, lock re-key, lock installation, lock replacement, lock fix, and high security locks are all services that most of them provide. In Illinois, you can locate a 24-hour residential locksmith that will come to your home whenever you require assistance. In reality, the majority of them are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you're in a hurry, it's unlikely that you'll be able to conduct thorough research on which residential locksmiths to contact. That's why it's a good idea to look for reputed locksmiths you may call even if you don't require their services right now. You never know when you'll require one. It will be more convenient for you if you have their phone numbers on hand.

Find at least three locksmiths to call as a backup in case the first one is unavailable for some reason Select residential locksmiths in Joliet, IL who are properly trained and certified. Only 9 states in the United States require locksmiths to be certified Professional locksmiths, on the other hand, would seek certification even if it was not needed in their jurisdiction because it would enhance their credentials. Choose those who are Associated Locksmiths of America certified. Because they will be dealing with the locks in your home, it is critical that they provide high-quality service. The security of your home can be jeopardized if the work is of poor quality or done incorrectly. Improper work can jeopardize your home's security. Ask trusted friends and coworkers if they have any recommendations for home locksmiths. They may have already recruited someone who did a good job You can also look for persons or businesses that provide this service in the phonebook or on the Internet. However, in addition to confirming that they are certified, check to see if they are also from your neighborhood. Some locksmiths don't have an address listed on their business cards, while others include a bogus address. When you call the number, check to see whether they are indeed in your region. Tell them you prefer to hire someone who lives in the city. This is due to the fact that most locksmiths will charge you for travel expenses. If they are traveling from afar and driving all the way to your house, you will incur a larger expense.

Request identification from the locksmith when he arrives at your home to ensure that he is the person you expect to conduct the service. Expect the locksmith to act in the same manner. Professional home locksmiths will request identification to ensure that they are working with the rightful owner of the property. If you require emergency home locksmith Joliet assistance, please give us a call immediately at (815) 435-0700.

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Kelle Morgan
Kelle Morgan
Eric was able to help me today without causing any damage to my home's lock which I was really worried about since we just moved into this home. He arrived on time and he unlocked it in what felt like 3 min. Eric is amazing, quick, and a competent technician. 100% recommend Eric's Locksmith.
Leticia Johnson
Leticia Johnson
Eric saved the day to get us into our house that we had locked ourselves out of. I spoke with Sarah over the phone and she was really helpful and understanding of the urgency of our situation. We were blown away from how fast they got to our property and honestly with the overall experience...especially since this has never happened to us before so was going into all of it blind. We highly recommend Eric's Locksmith and will definitely be using them for all our locksmith needs if we ever need them in the future. Thank you!
matthew lambert
matthew lambert
The guy came made a key was very professional and on time ...will definitely continue to use this place ..good job and thank you for helping
Alyssa Flores
Alyssa Flores
Mark Martinez
Mark Martinez
I want to Joliet this morning for a meeting and I accidentally locked my keys in the trunk of my car. I just googled Locksmith near me and Eric’s locksmith popped up. I’m glad I called them! They came within 20 minutes unlocked my car very quickly and I was on my way! Very reliable and I definitely recommend them.


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