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Business Lockouts

Commercial lockouts occur when you are unable to get access to your place of business due to a variety of factors including misplaced or stolen keys, broken keys, broken locks, or jammed keys. Lockouts in commercial buildings may be extremely stressful, especially if you’re in the middle of a time-sensitive project. If you find yourself locked out of your office – for any reason, including lock damage, missing keys, or the door simply locking behind you – the professionals at Eric’s Locksmith will be there in a matter of minutes with our rapid response. We will immediately restore your access to your office, as well as provide solutions for the specific causes of your lockout, such as making you a new key, reprogramming your smart locks, or even repairing issues with your office locks, once we arrive with our mobile locksmith van equipped with the latest and greatest equipment.

Commercial lock Installation

Your commercial building’s locks may malfunction from time to time. It’s possible that your lock isn’t very safe. Or perhaps it is beginning to show signs of wear and will need to be replaced soon. It is critical that the locks on your commercial building work properly. Theft in the workplace is prevalent, and you must always be on the lookout. You may have to deal with someone breaking in and taking your belongings if your locks are not secure enough. You have the option of replacing your locks with the same brand and make, or upgrading your security system, when seeking commercial lock replacement. We’ll figure out what sort of locks you have and replace them with locks of the same brand and model.

Lock Re-Key

The lock rekey technique involves changing a small pin inside the locking mechanism assembly so that a new key will open the door while the old keys will not. We can handle the process of having only one key for all of your workplace locks. Rekeying your locks is an excellent way to figure out who has access to your business. There are occasions when rekeying locks is necessary for property owners. If you lose your commercial space keys, your safety may be jeopardized if they fall into the wrong hands. Every situation is different, and simply losing the keys does not always justify rekeying your commercial space door locks; nonetheless, you can make that decision when the time comes. With a lock rekeying procedure, the security of your goods and loved ones will be enhanced. Have you had a recent staff turnover at your company? Or do you simply believe it’s past time to vet who gets access to your property? Rekeying your office or building will ensure that you have complete control over who has access and will improve overall security. The lock is not removed from the door during a rekeying. Instead, our skilled locksmiths will replace the current lock’s pins and offer new keys. The old keys will no longer operate after that. If the lock hardware is in good condition but you want to update who has access to the building, this is a wonderful solution.

Master Re-Key

Individual key holders or different groups can get access to specially specified or even all regions of a building using a Master System, which consists of a hierarchy of keys as well as a few locks and cylinders. Simply explained, a master keyed lock is one that can be unlocked with separate keys but can also be accessible with a master key. This system is an excellent fit for your company. Master key systems have numerous advantages. The most important feature is that access can be completely regulated while allowing appropriate personnel access to certain areas of the facility. The following are some of the other advantages of a master key system: LED peephole viewers, intercom systems, gate access management, biometric locks are among the other residential alternatives. Unwanted interference into your business should always be avoided. As a result, combining an affordable access control system with CCTV is the ideal way to safeguard the safety of your loved ones. Providing a simple approach for business owners and landlords to keep access to all of the places in which they operate. When you require instant access to a large number of security doors and locks. A key can save you the time and effort of searching through a large number of individual keys. It has the potential to make your life easier and more comfortable. The system can be tailored to your building’s requirements. We can design the ideal solution for you based on the number of layers you require. Our Joliet commercial locksmiths can provide you with a wide range of choices. Because we understand the importance of your security, our locksmiths have undertaken continuous training in the commercial locksmith business. Assuring you that we only use high-quality tools, equipment, and parts, so you don’t have to worry about anything when we do our work. We will be able to assist you in creating a master key with existing locks or new locks.

Panic Bar Installation

Panic bar installation necessitates factors such as selecting a locksmith and installing long-lasting hardware. Our expert locksmiths can assist you with the installation process. Buildings must have emergency exits with panic bars, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). For panic bars and doors, OSHA has specific guidelines, Without a key, emergency doors should be easily accessed from the inside. The hardware should be up to par. When installing panic bars on their own or hiring novice workers, these are some of the basics that people overlook. When we set up safety features, one of our top priorities is to make sure they work and don’t have any flaws. Glitches can be avoided by doing a thorough installation and using high-quality, long-lasting hardware. This is a key part of our mission to provide commercial locksmith services in Joliet that not only keep people safe but also keep them secure. When working with clients, a commercial locksmith Joliet should be able to emphasize the importance of security and fire alarm systems in overall building safety. Panic bars are already widely used as part of a comprehensive safety and security system. Having security locks that can be bypassed can be the difference between life and death in a crisis,

Magnetic Locks

The size and architecture of your property, the workflow of your staff, and the features you want to have all play a role in determining the best Mag Lock system for your business. We work with you to determine the finest surveillance system for your needs, taking into account the best Meg Lock systems available. Businesses and organizations come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of requirements. That’s why we provide a diverse choice of high-security locking and Magnetic Locks solutions to suit any situation. These solutions provide you with greater control, ease, and visibility into who has access to what and when.

Commercial High-Security Systems

Many worldwide patents and stringent factory key control restrictions protect high-security locks. Patented key control technologies make obtaining a copy of your keys without your authorization nearly impossible. This low-cost solution guards against property infringement as well as a potential liability for your business. Businesses and organizations come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of requirements. That’s why we provide a diverse choice of highsecurity locking and access control systems to suit any situation. These solutions provide you with greater control, ease, and visibility into who has access to what and when.

CCTV & Access Control

With CCTV cameras installed in your business, you can monitor your property at all times. Not only does it keep your property safe, but employees feel much safer and more productive too. Fortunately, Extra Locksmith does more than just locks and keys. We offer a wide array of services including CCTV services in Joliet. Installing a custom-designed, high quality security system with CCTV Cameras is a vital step toward assuring the safety and security of your employees and business as a whole. Our professional team of Locksmiths in Joliet are always ready to provide you the best Commercial locksmith service you need and answer all questions you may have about CCTV camera systems. We understand that protecting your property, employees, equipment, cash, and other valuables is very important to your business’ long term success. Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV, is a video surveillance system that can be hidden or visible. This system can be viewed on numerous displays or by a small group of people, and it can also be recorded for crucial occasions such as incident reference. CCTV systems were originally designed for gaming, banking, and government buildings, but have now evolved into a simple and affordable choice for business security. Security and CCTV systems are essential for organizations. A Professional Locksmith may be able to assist you with the most reliable CCTV Installation in order to keep your business secure and safe. Closed-circuit television systems ensure that your property is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Smart Lock Entry

It’s no longer science fiction to open your door with your smartphone, Smart locks use cutting-edge digital security technologies to make gaining access to your business more convenient while also increasing security. Smart locks, rather than a standard lock and key, use a variety of approaches to allow you easily and conveniently enter your business, most often smartphone apps or pin-codes. To get into your business, all you have to do is open an app and push a button – and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your key, locking yourself out, or having your key stolen. We are happy to offer a wide range of smart lock alternatives and brands to our customers. We’ll send a skilled locksmith to your business install the lock, and they’ll gladly guide you through how to use it and keep your commercial property safe and secure, You can even buy the lock and have it installed by one of our Physical Security Specialists. With over a century of combined experience, our technicians have encountered practically every type of technology available and will properly install your smart lock so that it performs smoothly and does not bind or provide a security issue.

Keypads and Card Access

The popularity of keypads, access cards, and other access control technologies is rapidly increasing. These systems are growing increasingly sophisticated, with features that are proving to be quite beneficial to business owners. Why give out keys in the first place? Access can be regulated to a 6 digit combination, key cards, or proximity fobs with the installation of a card access control system from Alarm Lock, Biometric (eye and fingerprint) and facial recognition, Paxton, and the Arrow Revolution.

Commercial Mailbox Lock Change

A commercial mailbox change is necessary whether you’re a new firm establishing an office headquarters or an old company moving to a new location. The ability of your firm to operate efficiently is dependent on the delivery, organization, and security of documentation – and it all starts with a good mailbox lock. Important documents such as invoices, money orders, bank statements, contracts, and employee records are kept in office mailboxes and must be protected and kept confidential. At Joliet Locksmith, we believe you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your mailbox is secure so you can focus on running your business.

Commercial Safe Lockout

The technique of opening a professional safe is rather straightforward because it comes from a certain manufacturer. In most cases, the services goes like this: A licensed and qualified Eric’s Locksmith will arrive on location, inspect the safe, read the serial number, and determine the manufacturer. If that information is available, the locksmith will directly contact the manufacturer and provide the safe information, license information, and the drilling brochure (this is a pamphlet that tells you what areas to pinpoint when drilling the safe, in order to manipulate the levers that keep the safe locked). Most of the time, once a hole has been bored in the safe, a locksmith will be able to unlock the safe by following the manufacturer’s instructions. While manufacturers of less expensive and less professional safes exist, they frequently do not retain consistent records for individually purchased safes. A locksmith will usually use lock picking techniques or just break the lock to unlock these types of safes. Safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a variety of locking mechanisms. The type of technology employed for the safe, as well as the customer’s desired results, will determine how the locksmith unlocks the safe.

New Facility Locks

You may require a business lock installation in Joliet for a variety of reasons. If your office or business property’s old locks have been causing you difficulties opening and closing, unlocking, and locking, it’s time for a new lock installation. We understand the importance of keeping your property safe as a company. It’s past time to replace old locks with new ones before it’s too late. Old locks have a lot of wear and tear, and they may eventually quit operating. If your old locks fail, it could cost you a lot of money to replace them. To keep your stuff secure, new locks are developed with better materials and a more efficient locking mechanism. With all of the developments in locks, there are even lock alternatives that are pick proof, making it impossible for even the most skilled criminal to gain access. With our business lock installation service in Joliet, you can upgrade your locks for your storefront, office, or commercial property today.

Intercom Systems

Audio and video intercoms are effective security solutions for businesses and commercial buildings. Intercom systems provide two-way communication between those within the building and those seeking entry. Screening guests before they enter your business keeps unwanted visitors out, making it an excellent security feature to use in conjunction with other locks. Building intercom systems are our specialty, and we specialize in installing and implementing them. Our experts in commercial locksmithing and door security systems will recommend the most effective and cost-effective intercom system for your needs.

Video Surveillance Solutions

The size and design of your property, the workflow of your staff, and the features you want to have all play a role in determining the optimal CCTV system for your business. We work with you to determine the finest surveillance system for your needs, taking into account the best CCTV systems on the market. Businesses and organizations come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of requirements. That’s why we provide a diverse choice of high-security locking and access control systems to suit any situation. These solutions provide you with greater control, ease, and visibility into who has access to what and when.

Key Broke in Door Lock

You never know when a broken key extraction service would be useful. We get a lot of calls for our Joliet broken key extraction service, which basically means that a lot of people are unlucky every now and then. When you’re in a hurry to get inside, you force the key into the lock, twist it, and bam! you’re inside. You feel something peculiar. You pull the key, and only the bow remains. The shoulder is awfully twisted. Of course, you can only imagine one dreadful scenario: a broken component of the key is jammed in the lock. You’re outside. You’ve got yourself locked out. You’re freaking out now. Sounds like an all-too-familiar scenario. This unpleasant occurrence appears to affect a large number of people. So, what exactly do you do? You have a few options, the first of which is to remain calm. What good does it do to freak out? In this circumstance, calling Eric’s Locksmith is the most convenient solution. You can, however, roll up your sleeves and retrieve the broken key on your own. The key may not be firmly lodged in the hole in rare circumstances. Pull the shaft from the lock or door knob and see if you can get it out. You may add a twist to it. Pull the stuck object out using tweezers or pliers. Spraying oil into the keyhole is another option. The oil softens inner surfaces and makes oil removal simple. Of course, this makes the small object slick and hence more difficult to remove. Allow us to assist you! Let’s chat about your problem and come up with a solution.

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You probably don't give it much thought, yet the basic lock could be the only thing keeping your company's assets, including private expansion plans, out of the wrong hands. So, if your locks get damaged due to wear or vandalism, or if you find yourself locked out, contact us right once. At Eric's Locksmith, we thrive when your business succeeds, and our first objective is ensuring that you have trouble-free access to your property. We are committed to providing the finest level of service and strive to exceed your expectations. If you need locks changed, repaired, or replaced, or assistance with access management, we're the business locksmith for you.

Count on the expertise of our commercial locksmiths Joliet. Congratulations on your recent relocation to a new office location! We recommend changing the locks if they were previously occupied. Keeping the existing ones could be problematic, as the previous residents may still have the keys. Even if you've been assured that every key has been returned, you can never be certain that duplicates exist. When your locks need to be rekeyed, we're the best commercial locksmith to call, and we'll get the work done fast and professionally. To further strengthen your security, we'll recommend and install sturdier anti-bump commercial locks. You can rely on our prompt commercial locksmith Joliet services. Can you image being locked out of your store just hours before an order is due to be delivered? This could turn out to be a complete disaster. Fortunately, you've got a commercial locksmith on speed dial that can help you out on days like this. One of our highly trained specialists will aid you in regaining entry without damaging the lock.

We are experts in the field of access control. If you're looking for a new way to manage door entry for a block of apartments, an office, or any rental property with a lot of renters, don't rely solely on the internet. When it comes to advising on the most up-to-date technologies available on the market today, we're known for having the most knowledgeable personnel. Choose a keypad for the flexibility of being able to offer everyone a unique access code, or a card system for the most cost-effective solution. We'll customize a solution and install whichever is most cost-effective for you. Call us today for high-quality commercial locksmith Joliet services that you won't be disappointed with!

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Kelle Morgan
Kelle Morgan
Eric was able to help me today without causing any damage to my home's lock which I was really worried about since we just moved into this home. He arrived on time and he unlocked it in what felt like 3 min. Eric is amazing, quick, and a competent technician. 100% recommend Eric's Locksmith.
Leticia Johnson
Leticia Johnson
Eric saved the day to get us into our house that we had locked ourselves out of. I spoke with Sarah over the phone and she was really helpful and understanding of the urgency of our situation. We were blown away from how fast they got to our property and honestly with the overall experience...especially since this has never happened to us before so was going into all of it blind. We highly recommend Eric's Locksmith and will definitely be using them for all our locksmith needs if we ever need them in the future. Thank you!
matthew lambert
matthew lambert
The guy came made a key was very professional and on time ...will definitely continue to use this place ..good job and thank you for helping
Alyssa Flores
Alyssa Flores
Mark Martinez
Mark Martinez
I want to Joliet this morning for a meeting and I accidentally locked my keys in the trunk of my car. I just googled Locksmith near me and Eric’s locksmith popped up. I’m glad I called them! They came within 20 minutes unlocked my car very quickly and I was on my way! Very reliable and I definitely recommend them.


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